LYO Credit (LYO)

LYO Credit (LYO) is the utility token of the LYOPAY Ecosystem. Use LYO for purchasing flight tickets, paying transaction fees, staking, and more.

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99% Zokyo Audit Report

LYO’s smart contract security qualifications got a 99% rating from Zokyo.

Token Technology

LYO Credit (LYO) is based on the BNB Chain. The BEP-20 smart contract allows transactions in the ecosystem and records balances in its wallets.

Using the BNB chain enhances the liquidity of the token and reduces the risk of contracts being broken. BNB complies with tech and protocol standards, is widely acceptable and extremely reliable.

Limited supply



BNB Chain

Token Timeline

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Buy, sell and store LYO.

LYO/USDT Trading Pair

Token Distribution

The LYO tokens created will be distributed based on these percentages:


Get rewards of up to 36% yearly by staking LYO on LYOTRADE.

Apps & Products

Make purchase and transaction with LYO on our apps!.


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LYO Credit token is listed on Fireblocks © , and securely transits during transactions amongst ecosystems of the crypto exchanges and wallets through multi-layered security protocols facilitated under the highly robust infrastructure of Fireblocks ©

LYO News

LYO Credit (LYO) on BitMart: Why Is it Important?

Our LYO Credit (LYO) token is now part of the
major BitMart exchange, a successful new
achievement for token growth.

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LYO Credit (LYO) Scores 98% Rating in Zokyo Smart Contract Audit

We are excited to announce that LYOPAY’s
native token, LYO Credit Token (LYO), has
smashed a breaking 98% rating...

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Stake LYO Credit on LYOTRADE and Get Up to 36% per Year in Returns

LYOTRADE, a professional cryptocurrency
exchange platform, features staking services
that allows you to enjoy...

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LYO Community

Join the community! Starting from 2020, we are growing worldwide.

Crypto enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners are part of it. News, events, and more online.