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About LYO Credit

LYO Credit (LYO) is the token created to work in the LYOPAY ecosystem of business applications.

Use it to stake, buy and sell products and services, pay transaction fees with a discounted rate on trading, and for e-commerce, crowdfunding, card payments and much more.


Let's talk about the benefit of buying LYO Credit ICO right now.

Up to 100% of the fees

Save by paying transaction and purchases fees with LYO Credit up to 100% of the total cost.

Staking rewards

Stake your tokens and receive rewards in LYO Credit to save on transactions and trade them.


Strategy to support long-term value growth and price stability of the token when it is listed for trading.

Token technology

LYO CREDIT (LYO) is based on the BNB Chain. The BSC-20 smart contract allows transactions in the LYOPAY portal and records balances in its wallets.

Limited supply: 250 million units
Technology: BNB

Using the BNB chain enhances the liquidity of the token and reduces the risk of contracts being broken.

BNB complies with tech and protocol standards, is widely acceptable and extremely reliable.


Token timeline

ICO Bonus phases

SoftCap: 10,500,000 LYO Credit
Hardcap: 30,000,000 LYO Credit

Round Token Token Price Token Price $* Bonus Period
Pre-ICO 2,500,000 €0.50 $0.60 100% 7 - 31 July 2021   COMPLETED 100%  
Phase 1 5,000,000 €0.55 $0.66 80% 1 - 31 August 2021   COMPLETED 58%  
Phase 2 5,000,000 €0.60 $0.72 65% 1 - 30 September 2021   COMPLETED 32%  
Phase 3 5,000,000 €0.65 $0.78 53% 1 - 31 October 2021   COMPLETED 50%  
Phase 4 5,000,000 €0.70 $0.84 42% 1 - 30 November 2021   COMPLETED 81%  
Phase 5 7,500,000 €0.75 $0.90 33% 1 - 31 December 2021   COMPLETED 78%  

LYO Credit Tokenomics

The tokens created will be distributed based on these percentages:

  • Minting and Social Mining
  • Treasury
  • ICO
  • Rewards and Auctions
  • Airdrop and Promotions
  • Yield Farming
  • Team
  • Advisor

White Paper

Download the white paper, where you can read all of the information about the project, such as its history, growth strategy, and technical data. A chapter is about the token and the ICO plan.

This is the publication of the first version of the white paper on the occasion of the launch of LYO Credit. In case this document is updated, you will be informed through the Telegram channel you are invited to join LYO Credit Telegram Channel

  Download the White paper

Business model

You will be able to spend your LYO Credit tokens to pay transaction fees – between wallets, for purchases and withdrawals or in exchange trading. Once the ICO phase is over, the exchange will open and you will be able to exchange LYO Credits for other currencies.

Coin listing €5,000 to €50,000
Banking €0.10 to €175
KYC €5 to €6,500
Launchpad 3% to 15%
White Label €250,000 + monthly fee + revenue share
Telecom pop-up 2%
Travel booking 1% to 3%
Exchange trading 1.5%
Precious metals 0.2% to 1.5%
LYOTRADE 0.2% to 1.5%
P2P 0.2% to 1%
LYOMERCHANT 0.5% to 1%
LYOCUSTODY 0.5% to 10%
E-commerce 2% to 15%

Discover the LYO Ecosystem

LYOPAY Solution

Industry Problem  LYOPAY Solution 
Lack of crypto means of payment Payment tools for day-to-day transactions
Slow transactions with high fees Blockchain-based platform with low fees
Lack of compliance procedures in crypto KYC and AML compliance
Difficult conversion between crypto and fiat currencies Instant exchange between crypto and EUR/USD
Lack of portability Online storage and exchange; branded offline CoolWallet S
No scalability Resources for clients, merchants and traders as dedicated portal branch
No immediate sharing incentives Adviser programme

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