LYO Credit (LYO): Project Closure and Token Transition

Dear LYO Token Holders,

When a project ends, its associated token typically ceases as well. However, we are committed to providing you with a new asset.

Here are the next steps:

Actions Required for LYO Credit Token Holders:
  • Token conversion for LYO stored on decentralized or off-chain wallets: In order to safeguard your LYO Credit, you can bridge your LYO to the token fo the new project that acquires LYO. important: the bridge will be confirmed only after AML and compliance verification, so it’s not guarantee for all.
  • LYO Credit on LYO will be available to swap with the new project token; you have to swap them. Once the trading pair is available, you will be informed. On 19 December, LYO/USDT trading pair will be delisted; on 22 December, it will be listed the new trading pair with the new exchange native token, and you will be able to swap LYO with the new token until April 2024.
  • LYO Credit on Other Exchanges: On 19 December, LYO/USDT trading pair will be delisted. If you have LYO on any exchange that is not LYOTRADE, the conversion has to be done manually. You have to fill out the form below. The process will go from BEP20 to ERC20, followed by the deposit on the new exchange. Beware of phishing and use only official, verified links. You will be contacted by the LYO Credit team. ⤵️

Transfer LYO Tokens from Other Exchanges

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We greatly appreciate your trust and support throughout this journey. Please take prompt action to facilitate a smooth and secure transition. For additional information or assistance, contact our support team at